The guiding philosophy of the programme is in tandem with those of the university, and official philosophy of the social sciences as approved by the National University Commission. Accordingly, the philosophy of the department is to train and graduate students imbued with a strong sense of moral and academic responsibility, patriotism necessary for them to make meaningful and wholistic contributions to the development of Taraba State, Nigeria and humanity in general.


The general aims and objectives of the programme are as follows:

  1. To train students that will assist in providing solution to social problems in the society.
  2. To develop the student’s critical judgment, ability to observe, understand, analyze, and synthesize information on socio-economic, socio-cultural and other social problems using sociological methods and techniques.
  3. To train students, to identify and critically study social, economic and political forces influencing changes in the society.


Admission into the B.Sc. Sociology Programme at Taraba State University
is in two categories; Direct Entry, University and Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Direct Entry: Applicants for admission into three year degree programme in Sociology should possess Diploma (at least lower credit) or NCE (at least a merit pass) in relevant field (i.e. social science or arts oriented courses). In addition the candidate must have five relevant Credits at “O” level which must include English Language, Mathematics and Government/History and any two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.

UME: Applicants for admission into four year Degree Programme in Sociology should posses SSCE/GCE/NECO/Grade II with at least five credits including English Language, Mathematics and Government/History and any two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences. However, applicants must possess the required UTME cut off points as may be fixed by the relevant authority.


  1. Title of degree: B.Sc. Sociology.
  2. Requirement for the award: A Student shall qualify for the award of B.Sc. Sociology when he/she has;
  1. Completed and passed the course units, including all compulsory and General Studies (GST) courses prescribed.
  2. Obtained a minimum total credit earned (TCP) of 149.
  3. Obtained a minimum cumulative GPA of 1.00 and
  4. Meet other requirements that may be specified by the Faculty and the University.
  1. Computation of  students CGPA and Class of Degree: In order to determine the class of degree to be awarded, grades obtained in all the courses whether compulsory or elective and whether passed or failed must be included in the computation. Even if students repeat the same course once or more before passing it or substituting another course for a failed elective course, grades scored at each and all attempts, shall be included in the computation of the CGPA. The classes of degree to be awarded therefore will depend on the cumulative GPA obtained. The following classes of degree are recommended for the indicated CGPA.
  2. Class of degree                     Cumulative Grade

                                                     Point Average

First Class Honours                              4.50 – 5.00

Second Class Honours (Upper)          3.50 – 4.49

Second Class Honours (Lower)          2.40 – 3.49

Third Class                                          1.50 – 2.39

Pass                                                      1.00 – 1.49

Fail                                                       0.00 – 0.99