Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science started in January 2010 with four (4) departments offering seven (7) academic programmes as follows:

1. Biological Science Botany
B.Sc Botany
B.Sc Zoology
2. Chemistry Chemistry B.Sc Chemistry
3. Mathematics Mathematics
Computer Science
B.Sc Mathematics
B.Sc Computer Science
B.Sc Statistics
4. Physics Physics B.Sc Physics

The vision of the faculty is to be a centre of excellence for science and technological innovation advancement.

Our mission is to produce high quality degree programmes of international standards and to promote students centered educational experience that will enhance the development of the state and the nation at large.

A.        Department Requirements
The graduation requirements for each department in the faculty are specified in the curriculum for each department.
B.        Faculty Graduation Requirements
            1.         In general, courses are offered from 100 level to 400 levels in all the
departments and students are given a maximum period of six years to graduate
2.         The duration of each semester shall be 15 weeks unless otherwise specified by the university due to unforeseen circumstances.
3.         A course unit is equivalent to one hour of lecture or three hours of practical.
4.         All the student in the faculty shall undertake Industrial Training for a period of 6 months during the second semester of 300 level.
5.         The minimum and maximum graduation requirements are stipulated in each departmental curriculum.

  1. Courses Weighting

All courses in the faculty shall be evaluated through continuous assessment (30%) and examination (70%). Additionally all students shall be required to have met 75% attendance at lectures to qualify for examinations.

  1. To Graduate:-
    1. Students must pass all the prescribed courses for the degree in view
    2. Pass all prescribed general studies (GS) courses.
    3. Satisfy the minimum course credits specified by the departments


  1. Degree shall be awarded to students on the authority of Senate only to those who have been found worthy in character and learning.
  2. Students must successfully complete and pass all prescribed examinations for courses for any degree program;
  3. Students shall not be involved in acts of gross misconduct, such as (but not limited to) examination malpractice; felony and other convicted criminal offenses, as well as association with any secret cult or any other organization prescribed by the university or government;
  4. Students shall have earned not less than 132 credit units (i.e a minimum of 18 credit unit per semester) for a four-year program.
  5. Students are required to complete their studies in not less than one an half times the normal duration of the program to qualify for a honors degree except in a case of ill-health or as determined by Senate.
  6. For a student to be in good academic standing, he/she must obtain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of greater or equal to 1.0 (i.e >1.0) at the end of the academic session. A student who fails to do so shall be placed on academic probation of one academic session. If at the end of the probation year the student still fails to make a CGPA greater than 1.0, such student shall be asked to withdraw from the program registered. This is without prejudice to being admitted into another program in the university;
  7. A student who attained a CGPA less than 1.0 and is required to be on probation shall first register the backlog of their required courses before they can, within the ceiling of 48 credit unit, be allowed to register for other courses.
  8. Without prejudice to the requirement for academic probation stated above, a student who passes less than 50% of all courses registered in any academic session shall be required to repeat the session, and register only courses failed, before proceeding to the next level;
  9. No students shall be allowed to continue his/her studies beyond three (300) level without fulfilling the O/Level requirements of a minimum of 5 relevant credit including English Language and mathematics in any program;
  10. Students who absent themselves for one semester without valid reason may be deemed to have withdrawn from the unit, irrespective of his/her CGPA;
  11. A student, for good reason, and with the approval of Senate and upon recommendation by the Dean of the Faculty, may suspend his/her program of study for a maximum of one calendar year;
  12. Students who transfer from one program to another or from another university (based on Senate approval) may be credited with those credit units earned which are relevant to the curriculum of the new program.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Credit Unit(s) Percentage Score Letter Points Grade Points Grade Points Average (GPA) Cumulative
Average (CGPA)
Class of Degree
Vary according to contact hours assigned to each course in each semester 70-100 A 5 Derived by multiplying
(i) & (iv) and dividing by total credit units
4.50 – 5.00 First Class
60-69 B 4 3.50 – 4.49 2nd Class Upper
50-59 C 3 2.50 – 3.49 2nd Class Lower
45-49 D 2 1.50 – 2.49 Third Class
40-44 E 1 1.00 – 1.49 Pass
00-39 F 0 0 – 0.09 Fail

For the award of a degree, a student must have been duly matriculated and have:

  1. Passed all the registered courses in the degree programme of study.
  2. Passed all the prescribed general study courses.
  3. Earned the required minimum number of course credit units as determined by the department/faculty/senate for the award of degree.
  4. Fulfill the general requirements of credits in English language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics/Geography.
  5. Earned a satisfactory grade in the Students’ Industrial Works Experience Scheme (SIWES).
  6. Found worthy in character.


1. Prof. Abel A. Adebayo B.Sc, (1987), M.Sc, (1990) Ilorin, Ph.D (1997), Minna Dean
2. Justina Y. Akawu B.Sc (2003) M/Guri, MBA General Mgt (2006) FUTY. Asst. Registrar/Faculty Officer
3. Gaius K. Kataps B.Sc History (International Relations (2003) Uni Yaoundé
Maitrise Political Sc.  Uni Yaoundé (2006)
Admin Assistant
4. Philemon I. Misheli Dip. In Public Accounts, Audit & Taxation Taraba State Poly (2009). Cert. Computer Sc. (FCE Yola 1997), Snr. Computer Operator
5. Umar Usman SSCE (2000) Office Attendant