Registrar’s Office

Registrar’s Office

The Registry of the University is vested with the responsibility of coordinating various departments/units of the Institution to ensure efficiency and optimal performance.

The Registry is headed by the Registrar (Joseph M. Lucas, PhD.) who is the Chief Administrator of the University and statutorily the Secretary to Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation.

The following are units in the Registry and their functions:

  1. Registrar’s Office
  2. Secret Registry
  3. Open Registry
  4. Central Administration and Staff Development
  5. Establishment Division
  6. Academic Division


The main office is supervised by the Confidential Secretary to the Registrar. The office provides direct administrative support to the Registrar in the performance of his administrative responsibilities.

Staff in the Main Office:

  1. Imbaji I. Danga – Confidential Secretary to the Registrar
  2. Solomon V. Numa – Senior Computer Operator
  3. Paul Tsebe Yoosu – Assistant Executive Officer
  4. Gamboro G. Dinsheya
  5. Timothy Ezra – Clerical Assistant
  6. Nkasire Gideon – Care Taker
  7. Maryam Yakubu – Office Attendant