Academic Division

Academic Division

  1. To be responsible to the Registrar
  2. Advertising for entry into various programmes in the University
  3. Secretary of Admission Committee
  4. Liaising with JAMB and Scholarship Board
  5. Registration of students; Issuance of academic transcripts etc.
  6. Ensuring the maintenance of student’s statistics and students’ academic records.
  7. Responsible for processing examination materials.
  8. Arrangement for matriculation and graduation/prize giving ceremonies.
  9. Liaising with Postgraduate School for admissions and related matters.
  10. Responsible for processing students grant, loans and fees.
  11. Responsible for academic gowns, hoods and mace, particularly during matriculation/convocation.
  12. Providing secretariat services to SBC and Senate.
  13. Discharging any other official duties as may be assigned by the Registrar

These functions are overseen by the Deputy Registrar Academic under the supervision of the Registrar.


  1. Joseph U. Bibinu Deputy Registrar / Academics
  2. Ahmad U. Faruq Asst. Reg. / Senate and Ceremonial
  3. Micah Yusuf Executive Officer
  4. Musa Baba Officer / Exams and Records
  5. Sadiq Aliyu MIS Unit
  6. Zainab Isa Bawuro Admissions Office
  7. Danladi M.B. Gani Sec/Gen. Admin
  8. Penni Baya Clerical Officer
  9. Keziya Timothy Cleaner/ Officer Attendant


  1. Admissions Unit
  2. Senate and Ceremonial
  3. Student Affairs (Academic)
  4. Management Information System (MIS)
  5. Examinations and Records Unit

Admission Unit has the following functions/activities

  1. Organizing screening exercising for prospective students
  2. Liaising with JAMB on all aspects of admission matters/activities
  3. Issuing our JAMB admission letters into full time degree programme
  4. Organization registration exercises to freshly admitted JAMB students
  5. Providing secretariat services to the University Central Admission Committee
  6. Publicizing all matters related to JAMB admission into the University as may be directed by Registrar

Senate and Ceremonial

The unit is headed by Barr. Ahmad U. Faruq. The unit has the following responsibilities:

  1. Maintaining the records of all Senate proceeding.
  2. Organizing University ceremonies (matriculation, convocation, congregation, inaugural lectures, seminars e.t.c.)
  3. Maintaining convocation register for members of the Alumni Association of the Universit

Students affairs (Academic) Unit

The Unit is responsible for:

  1. Attending to complaints on academic related matters
  2. Guiding and counselling students on their academic lives
  3. Liaising with the Directorate of Students Affairs for organizing freshmen’s orientation programmes.
  4. Consulting on academic matters affecting students generally.

Management Information System (MIS)

This Unit is responsible for computerization of the University academic records comprising admission list; scholarship awards, SIWES programmes, USARM, BMAS; Academic syllabi of various programmes etc.

Examination and Records Unit

This unit is responsible for:

  1. Stocking of examination materials for subsequent supply to the faculties examination secretariat
  2. Keeping records of all examination results approved by Senate.
  3. Issuing transcript on written request from students.
  4. Attending to employers and institutions’ request for academic confidential reports on graduates of Taraba State University.
  5. Verifying of Taraba State University graduate’s records on request by employers and intuitions.
  6. Preparation and forwarding to Dean, Students Afairs eligible candidates for mobilization for NYSC.
  7. Generating results to be used for producing statements of results for graduating students.

Other functions and activities of the Division

At the instance of the Registrar, the Division provides secretariat services to the following committees;

  1. Academic planning and quality assurance committee of the University.
  2. Research/Staff fellowship committee.
  3. Senate Business Committee (SBC)
  4. Central Admission Committee.
  5. Research and Development Committee (TETFund sponsorship)

The Division also carries out the following functions on behalf of the Registrar as follows:

  1. Drawing up sessional academic calendar of events
  2. Issuing out circular of academic matters to the University Community and the general public
  3. Processing inter-departmental and inter-faculties transfer requests
  4. Processing inter-University transfer requests/applications and presenting same to Senate for consideration.
  5. Issuance of attestation on studentship
  6. Liaising with Federal, State and other Agencies involved with Scholarship Awards.




Imbaji I. Danga

(For: Registrar)